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Maison de la solidarité internationale


Our Organization

The Comité régional d’éducation pour le développement international de Lanaudière (Lanaudière Regional Committee for International Development Education), better known by its acronym CRÉDIL, is a non-profit organization present in the region since 1976.


Our Mission

CRÉDIL is an organization devoted to international solidarity whose mission focuses on three areas: raising public awareness of international solidarity; organizing projects and internships in developing countries, and; welcoming newcomers to the region.

Our statement since 1976: Understanding globally to act locally

Our Philosophy

CRÉDIL works in Lanaudière to promote human rights and sustainable development, and to bring closer together people of all origins.

In the region, CRÉDIL contributes to a greater analysis of international issues and, through its actions, favors a better understanding of interrelations between countries of the North and the South.

Using solidarity as its infallible compass, CRÉDIL works towards global sustainable and equitable development by promoting public commitment in every development initiative.

Moreover, CRÉDIL is the only organization in Québec working on both spheres of international solidarity and immigration.


CRÉDIL’s Goals:

  • a) Raise awareness of international solidarity in the Lanaudière region;

  • b) Welcome refugees and immigrants, accompany them and help them settle in Lanaudière;

  • c) Promote solidarity by collaborating with organizations based in the local community and in developing countries;

  • d) Support partnership initiatives with like-minded organizations;

  • e) Support concrete commitments that strive to achieve global justice;

  • f) Promote consultation with other solidarity groups;

  • g) Promote regional immigration.



In 1976, when CRÉDIL was founded by dedicated individuals who wanted to make international solidarity accessible to all, the world was going through an era of dictatorships. Social mobilization was essential to denounce the horrors of totalitarian regimes, and to promote durable positive actions of international solidarity.

During the last decades, CRÉDIL has met with thousands of people from all walks of life in the Lanaudière region, and has forged ties of solidarity with partners in developing countries. For the last 40 years, CRÉDIL has taken part to the global fights for sustainable development and against social injustices, thus carrying out the first part of its mission: solidarity education.

CRÉDIL is an organization that deals with many partners at the regional and international level. Through the years, active volunteers have teamed up with CRÉDIL by creating different committees that are open to anyone wishing to join.

Since 1995, the provincial Ministry of Immigration (MIDI) has appointed CRÉDIL with the mandate to welcome refugees and immigrants and help them settle in the Lanaudière region. That is how CRÉDIL became the official organization to welcome newcomers, with financial help from the Québec government.

Since 1996, CRÉDIL is also recognized by the Ministry of International Relations and la Francophonie (MRIF) through its Québec sans frontières program. Each year for the last 20 years, CRÉDIL sends interns to contribute to the implementation of development projects in African and Latin American countries.

Welcoming and Integration of Newcomers

Since 1995, CRÉDIL contributes to immigration in welcoming people selected by the Québec government. Crédil offers personalized services to newcomers who have obtained their permanent resident status for less than five years.



  • Is in charge of the newcomers welcoming, their temporary accomodation and the proceedings with many government authorities.

  • Acts as an intermediary between newcomers and the host community.

  • Provides links with the followings: health and social care, community, education etc.

  • Responds to newcomers requests by organizing information sessions and activities in order to facilitate their integration to the host community.

Services to newcomers

  • technical support

  • listening and references

  • information | orientation

  • social support

  • information sessions

  • commissioner for oaths

Paying Services

International internships:

  • Develop international internship projects adapted to school and community needs.

  • Offer pre-departure training to groups who are about to experience solidarity abroad.

  • Offer support during the internships abroad.

Intercultural trainings according to different needs. E.g.:

  • Immigration in the Lanaudière area

  • Cultural shocks management

  • Intervention in intercultural situations.



Intercultural testimonies


CRÉDIL is constantly looking for volunteers.

If you want to join in, please contact us.